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Community Photos for 12/6/2013

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Christmas in Davidson 2013 - Thursday Evening

The cold and rainy night did not stop the crowds from showing up in Davidson for their Annual Christmas Celebration.  If this many people showed up in the rain... we can't imagine how many people would have been at this great multiple day event.  If you missed Christmas in Davidson - check out these photos - this is a family event that all should attend.  Shopping, Food, Cider, Performances, and the Beauty of Christmas all packaged in a few short blocks of Davidson.  Photos by Courtney Parlier.


White Lighting Performs at Christmas in Davidson

White Lightning Athletics Competitive Cheer Teams performed at Christmas in Davidson.  The rain and wet brick required last minute changes to their routines, but as always White Lightning Coaches were quick on their feet and were able to modify the plans for a safe demonstration of their Competitive Cheer Teams.  White Lighting offers both competitive and recreational programs.  They are recognized as one of the best gyms at the lake for Gymnastics, Cheer, and Tumbling.  Photos by Nate Davis.