Hopewell, Hough see district’s largest gains

CHARLOTTE – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools saw gains in 2014 in composite scores on the ACT, a national test used to determine student readiness for college-level work.

District-wide scores increased as well as in English, reading and science, with scores dropping slightly in math.

Composite scores on the ACT also rose at more than half of the high schools in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, according to data released by the independent testing group ACT Inc.

“These scores tell us if our students are ready for college-level work and we’ll continue to strive for progress on these scores,” said Heath Morrison, superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. “Our goal is for our students to be college- and career-ready when they graduate from CMS.”

The number of students in CMS taking the ACT increased by 383 students (5.2 percent) in 2014, which is also the second year that North Carolina has required juniors to take the test.

ACT tests are given in English, math, reading and science. A fifth test in writing is optional, so no scores for writing were reported for CMS.

Hopewell, Hough, Northwest School of the Arts and Turning Point Academy showed gains in every category.

Schools showing the greatest increases in ACT scores in English included Hough High (20.5 in 2013-2014 from 19.0 a year earlier). The district-wide English score increased to 17.4 from 17.0 a year earlier.

Schools showing the greatest increases in ACT reading scores included Hopewell High (18.5 this year compared to 17.0 a year earlier) and Hough High (21.8 this year, compared to 20.3 a year earlier. The district-wide reading score increased to 18.9 this year, compared to 18.7 a year ago.

Schools showing the greatest increases in ACT science scores included Hopewell (18.4, compared to 17.2 a year earlier). The district-wide science score increased to 18.7, up from 18.4 a year ago.