I was reading a New York Times story from about 30 years ago regarding a small town newspaper editor in McCormick, Fla., that riled up neighbors by printing bad news.

That newspaper editor not only received death threats, but also a bomb placed in his backyard.

“The small town is just not what it’s cracked up to be,” Ken Fortenberry told The New York Times in 1987, “at least not around here.”

I’m glad Ken didn’t give up on the small town.

In 1999, he launched news@norman, a newspaper dedicated to covering eastern Lincoln County.

He recently sold his 15-year-old newspaper to Lake Norman Publications, which is the parent company of The Herald Weekly and Denver Weekly.

We’re merging it with Denver Weekly this week.

Denver Weekly has had quite the voyage since we set sail April 1, 2011. Acquiring news@norman has been our biggest wave since Craig Moon, retired publisher of USA Today, bought our cluster of newspapers in 2012.

The move will give the newspapers under our umbrella a better understanding of Lake Norman. With Denver becoming a one-newspaper town, advertisers have an opportunity for greater penetration in the market.


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