CORNELIUS – Stranded on the lake? Need a towing company? TowBoatUS now provides services to Lake Norman, Lake Wylie and recently added, Mountain Island Lake.

Derek DeBord bought the Lake Norman branch of TowBoatUS two years ago. Since then, the towing service has expanded to Lake Wylie and Mountain Island Lake, both south of Lake Norman. Neither had any towing service before, DeBord said. 

His most popular services are towing and refloating boats, estimating about 200 tows and 50 salvages per year.

The boats used to tow and salvage are always geared up and ready to go.

DeBord uses seven boats: four of them service Lake Norman, one each to Lake Wylie and Mountain Island Lake, and one stays on the site, loaded with equipment to dash into an emergency salvage.

TowBoatUS has competitors, especially on Lake Norman.

DeBord said his boats are the only ones that can travel under the smallest bridges, and the membership cost is less than the other companies for coverage of all three lakes. 

TowBoatUS provides 24-hour services in both towing and recovering boats on each lake. In addition, it provides an extra diving service to fix problems, like retrieving an anchor, that are hidden below the lake’s surface.

Looking to the future, DeBord sees the company branching further into the lake systems surrounding Lake Norman.

DeBord said the low price of membership and his friendly customer services help contribute to TowBoatUS Lake Norman being the best company for towing, salvaging and diving needs.

For more information or to apply for a membership, visit or call 704-200-1930.