By Bailey Huebner

Daniel Williams, more commonly known as Scooperman, has been “saving the world one scoop at a time” for about 12 years now.

You can see Williams driving his royal blue scoopmobile under the truck tag #1WITH#2.

His origin story begins in the backyard of his friend’s house. After getting laid off a second time from the space program, Williams was left heartbroken.

His friend’s wife opened the door to the backyard that Williams and his friend were chatting in. The kids quickly came rushing out into the yard. Williams noticed the children’s play area was littered with feces. Williams informed his friend of the tragedy to which he replied, “I’d rather pay someone to do it.”

And thus Scooperman was born.

Using his ultra-scooper powers, Scooperman scoured the globe (the counties of Mecklenburg, Iredell, Cabarrus, Catawba, Lincoln and Rowan) fighting grime and the forces of pet waste.

Some may ask, “Why the name Scooperman? Isn’t that a little immature for a company that removes canine droppings?”

Well, Williams loves Halloween. As he’s grown older, he hasn’t budged in the tradition of dressing up in costume.

This lightheartedness is brought into every aspect of the Scooperman promotions. During a festival in Fort Mill, S.C., he performs stand-up comedy and enjoys chocolates served in doggy crap bags.

The Scooperman team consists of two people: Williams and his one-staff member. Williams says that 40 pet-waste companies have come and gone over the years. He believes the cause is under-the-table pay. Being an Air Force veteran, he is strict with legitimacy.

Williams trains his staff on the job. He also gives out a handbook of do’s and dont’s. In a former job, he wrote standards and procedures. In this regard, he prides himself in being a very detail-oriented person.

Williams is a charter member of APAWS (a non-government-affiliated association of self-governing scoopers throughout the country that follow a set of procedures and regulations.)

Most pertinently, Scooperman is a character with many stories under his utility belt.

Once on the job, Williams scooped up some poop to see a folded bill piercing through a dropping. He unfolded the cash to see it was an unscathed $1 bill. He called the owner saying that was the most unique way he has ever been tipped, but next time, he won’t unwrap poop for less than a five.

Another time, an owner put his check on the door. When Williams went to get it, he was in dismay to see his client had ripped it to shreds. The owner was startled to hear that the dog didn’t eat his homework, but his check.

Williams came into the pet waste business to be his own boss, and as he puts it “I march to my own drum.”

The years have changed him.

“I live alone, I work alone, and I’ve been alone for many years,” Williams said. “My daughter is in college, and she is the only family I have. So I’m pretty lonely. Now-a-days, when I meet people, I don’t shake their hands. I sniff their butts.”

Want to learn more? Contact Scooperman and his pet waste removal service by going to or calling 704-953-5453.