By Farrell Lemings
Guest Clergy


Wendy Stoker is an amazing woman. 

Wendy attended a Midwest high school, and in her final year, finished just 3.5 points behind first place in girl’s diving. She went on to complete her education at an East Coast college.  There she took a full load of classes, was on the bowling team, involved herself in student government, and of course, continued her diving. 

But what was most spectacular about this young college freshman was her typing skills.  She typed at a “whizzing” 40 words a minute.

What’s so amazing about this accomplishment is that Wendy Stoker was born without arms.  She types 40 words a minute with her toes.

What is it that causes such determination, such courage, and such indomitable spirit?  What is it that causes a Wendy Stoker to excel in the challenges of her life? I believe it is all about the attitude with which we choose to process life.

Your attitude is the most important thing about you.  It is more important than your education, more important than your past, more important than your looks, and even more important than your money.  Your attitude will either help you make friends or make enemies.  It will attract people to you or repel them from you.  Your attitude is even more important than your skills.

John D. Rockefeller once said, “I will pay a man more for his attitude and his ability to get along with others than any other skill he may possess.” 

Your attitude is one of your most important assets.

There are a lot of things in life out of our control, but what is always in our control is the attitude that we choose to process life with.  If you choose to live with a great attitude it will not keep you from the challenges of life, but it will give you the resources you need to rise above the challenges.


Farrell Lemings is senior pastor of Grace Covenant Church.