HUNTERSVILLE – People of all ages spend time searching for ways to enhance and refresh their image – it’s human nature.

At the Cosmetic Center of Lake Norman, revitalizing patients come first. Cosmetics means more than just a makeover – it’s all about improving the quality of life.

The Cosmetic Center of Lake Norman came to the area in September 2012. It originally shared the location with the Vein Center of Lake Norman, which opened in 2005. Because of patient demands, the Cosmetic Center became its own division and moved directly beside the Vein Center office in a separate building. 

Both branches offer a wide range of skin treatments, such as Juvederm, laser hair removal, laser photo facials, Botox, spider and varicose vein treatments, chemical peels and rosacea removal.

“Nurses treat with lasers, injections and customized chemical peels,” said Mary Kunze, practice manager at the Cosmetic Center. “Chemical peels remove dead skin to give it a fresh appearance.” 

Kunze is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day business of both the vein and cosmetic centers.

Certified, registered nurses carry out cosmetic and vein treatments. Lisa Smith is the center's main registered nurse.

She has worked at the vein and cosmetic centers for a year now and is certified in Botox, Juvederm and sclerotherapy injections.

Kunze said Botox is a quick, temporary fix for patients as they can see results just three to 10 days after treatment.

“Botox is a prescription medication that is injected into the muscles,” she said. “It is used to improve the look of frown lines between the brows.”

Some products are used primarily to help people of age. Juvederm is an instant filler that gives older people a sense of youth. 

“It boosts their cheeks and removes the parenthesis lines around their mouth and nose to provide a more youthful appearance and smoother skin,” Kunze said.

Other treatments require laser therapy. A laser photo facial uses a light source to rejuvenate the skin inside and out with no side effects and adverse reactions.

Laser Hair removal works similarly. An intense, laser light focuses on areas with unwanted hair to prevent future growth.

Dr. David Walrath, a board-certified general surgeon who has been in the cosmetic practice for more than 30 years, has operated specifically on veins since the opening of the Vein Center.

He focuses on different vein issues and diseases, spider veins and leg ulcers using state-of-the-art treatments. 

Prior to vein treatments, patients are asked to stay out of the sun and complete an ultrasound test.

Walrath and Smith will then conduct a full history and physical review to look at any underlying vein problems to decide on the appropriate treatment. 

“Our Vein Center is the premier medical treatment spot since 2005,” Kunze said. “Our patients are our number one referral. We are the only facility that does an in-depth ultrasound examination.”

Fortunately for patients, treatments do not cause pain. Everything is done smoothly to ensure patients can return to their everyday activities. 

“The registered nurse uses a special skin numbing cream to lessen the irritation of hair removal,” Kunze said. “She uses a certain rhythmic technique with a cooling product to alleviate any pain.”

Nurses work with the latest laser technology to guarantee a safe, comfortable experience with enduring results. The company only chooses FDA-approved products that come from reputable manufacturers. 

Both older and younger people take an interest in cosmetic treatments and vein surgery. The business typically serves people ages 18-65 each week. 

The vein center and cosmetic centers work with their customers’ budgets to give them the best for their buck.

“We keep it small, medical and personal,” Kunze said. “We really listen to the patient’s health, money and skin issues. We do not treat people with something that would not be in their best interest.”

Dr. Walrath knows every single one of his patients by name to create a welcoming, friendly environment.

The goal of the Cosmetic Center is to give patients the best experience possible so that when they leave, they come out looking like a whole new person. 

“Botox is the new lipstick,” Kunze said. “People want to feel and look good. When you look good, you feel better about yourself.”


Need a boost? The Cosmetic Center of Lake Norman and Vein Center of Lake Norman are located at 10215 Hickorywood Hill Ave., Suite B, Huntersville. To schedule an appointment, call 704-947-7027.