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The town of Huntersville should be renamed U-Turnsville. I can't imagine doing a U-Turn is a safer option than a turn lane. There have been accidents and many close calls at the entrance of my neighborhood. Watch out, U-Turners...I'm turning right!


If you are traveling on a traffic circle (round-about), please signal your intentions for those of us waiting to enter. We're not mind readers!


What peeves me are people who think everyone can get a good deal from government health and retirement programs. Will I ever fully see what was taken from me for Social Security or Medicare? NO! Would I have done better with private companies of my choice? YES! The only good deal you can get on health, retirement or any government benefit is if you never paid into it and still getting the benefit. Now that's a deal!


When we buy insurance (life, home, auto) from private insurers, if we don't like the service (premium, coverage, deductibles) we can switch to another insurance company. However if we don't like the insurance service (health, retirement, unemployment) from the government, are we suppose to switch to another government??? I'm sure North Korea has a wonderful health insurance system. It probably works better than the one our government set up.


All disabilities are not visible. I'm 36. I look OK. My kids have carried me, unconscious, from a store to the car at the opposite end of the lot. My husband had to tackle me, running dangerously through a parking lot, during a PTSD flashback. Handicap parking is a necessity.


I agree that at times one might question a person's reason for parking in a handicapped space, but many things constitute having a handicap. What I feel should be targeted are those that leave their shopping carts in handicapped spaces. I have witnessed many people park their carts against the posts that hold the handicapped signs. Not only are they making it difficult for the next person to get into the space, but there is a potential that the cart may roll and hit a vehicle. Also, it's likely a handicapped person has to get out of his/her vehicle and move it before being able to park. I have seen many people using a handicapped space do this too. Most businesses will be happy to help someone load their purchases if you pull to the front of the store or will help you get your purchases to your vehicle.