HUNTERSVILLE – The pink flamingos have migrated back to Lake Norman yards again this summer. 

Huntersville resident Lucia Koenigsberger went outside one afternoon this past month to find plastic flamingos all around her yard with a sign that reads, “You have been flocked.”

The Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser involves nonprofits that flock people’s yards overnight to raise money for their causes. Groups might include a Relay for Life team, cheerleaders needing uniforms, a church group or a family member battling cancer. These groups hope the flocked victim will then flock other's yards to continue receiving donations. 

“We provide guidelines as to how different groups can go about their flocking,” said Lynne Prewitt, owner of the Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser. “We also sell the plastic flamingos to the groups.”

At first, Koenigsberger didn’t like the idea of the fundraiser. She likes to believe the good in people and hopes the money would go to Jill’s breast cancer cause stated on the flyer.

“I have no idea who flocked my yard,” she said. “I need some more information.”

Koenigsberger left $10 in the enclosed envelope attached to the flyer on a flamingo, but she still felt like she needed additional information as to who “flocked” her yard and whether Jill actually exists.

The information attached to a flamingo includes the fundraiser hotline, a short paragraph about the cause, where the proceeds will go, a number to call to be removed from the fundraiser and the price options for removal and moving of the flamingos.

Koenigsberger eventually found out someone from her husband's friend's church did the flocking. 

Prewitt said groups usually plan ahead for their flocking adventure. Groups are also not required to say they did the flocking.

“Groups should always make sure they include fundraising information around the bird’s neck,” Prewitt said. “But you are not supposed to know who flocked you.”

Flamingo flocking has been a tradition for several years.  

“It is different than just selling candy bars,” Prewitt said.

A guy who participated in the past asked her how to stop the flocking out of his concern it would never end. The birds kept going from person to person for a very long time.