MOORESVILLE – Growing up, Emily Isaacs was unaware that people bought bread from a store. In her home, bread was made from scratch and baked in the oven.

And because her grandfather was a chicken farmer, there was always fresh poultry, as well.

Thus began her love affair with home cooked, fresh food. This passion eventually led her to open Grateful Table which offers weekly home delivery of meals, cooking parties, catering and private chef services.

Isaacs always uses seasonal produce from local farms for the food. It’s the perfect solution for people on a busy schedule who still want to eat healthy, delicious food.

Isaacs knew from an early age that she wanted to attend culinary school. But her parents were adamant she earn a college degree first, so she completed her undergraduate degree and began working for a computer software company.

“It was an OK job,” Isaacs said. “But not something I absolutely loved.”

Her boyfriend, now husband, encouraged her to apply to Johnson and Wales University’s accelerated degree program. She got in and completed a culinary degree.

At Isaac’s first job out of school as an assistant dietary director for a nursing home, she put her love of fresh produce to work.

“We went from canned food on trays to farm-grown food,” she said. “It was amazing to see the difference in the look and taste of the food.”

Then she got married, moved Mooresville and began looking for a job.

Isaacs knew the restaurant business was not for her and soon realized that there was a niche she could fill in the lake area – a service that brings meals directly to customer’s businesses or homes. So in February 2013, Grateful Table opened in Mooresville.

Isaac had a good business growing through word-of-mouth when she found that she needed a larger kitchen space. She began sharing space with another chef who did catering gigs.

This gave Isaacs an idea – why not add other local bakers, pastry chefs and the like to her delivery service?

This way, customers could order full meals, loaves of bread and desserts, which gives choice and value to the service.

So she is paired with the Queen of Oats for bread items and Black Velvet Patisserie for desserts. Customers are enjoying the ability to order varied types of food. Next on the list is trying to add fine wine or craft beer to the delivery service.

Isaacs makes almost everything from scratch, including all salad dressings, sauces and entrées. The company has been learning as it goes regarding how to best package the food.

For example, the upside down salad has been a work in progress.

“We’ve learned the best way to layer the salad in a to-go container,” shares Issacs. “The berries need to go at the bottom, then the nuts and then the greens.”

This keeps everything fresh and not crushed when the customer flips it over to eat. They use as much local produce as possible in all the food items using Correll’s Farm in Cleveland, N.C. as the main supplier. “We try to get as much organic food as possible,” Isaacs said. “But we stress local most of all. The growing capabilities in N.C. are amazing! We can even do Asian vegetables such as bok choy.”

The menu changes every week as it tries to be seasonal. Customers can check the menu online and then place an order by Friday at midnight. A new menu will then be put up by Saturday at noon.

Grateful Table is also sticklers for food safety, packing all food items in blue bags with plenty of ice.

“The food has to be safe,” Isaacs said. “That is of utmost importance to us.”

Also any and all food allergies can be addressed as they make everything fresh.

The meals are delicious, convenient and healthy. Grateful Table is the perfect solution to people with busy schedules who still want to eat fresh, local, homemade food.


Want to go? Grateful Table Mooresville 704-765-2125