CORNELIUS ­– Pastors at Elevation Church preach to spread the gospel and change lives every Sunday morning. 

Elevation continues to maintain a large following, in part, because of the explosion of its multi-site mega churches, despite recent scrutiny on how the church spends its funds.   

Regardless, fellowship at Elevation Church Lake Norman, as well as its partner locations, revolves around understanding Christianity through sermon-based series consisting of different themes.  

Steven Furtick, lead pastor of Elevation Church, preaches the series from a modern-day perspective to reach out to younger age groups.

A typical sermon at Elevation Lake Norman starts with lively music. A diverse band starts to rock the show with guitars, drums, tambourines and microphones as the audience moves their hands back and forth. They shout the lyrics to “Oh, What a Savior,” “Amazing Love” or other spinoffs of classic, Christian hymns.

When the music comes to an end, a campus pastor comes to the stage to open briefly about upcoming events and announcements.

Elevation just held an Easter egg celebration in April and a show of support for veterans in honor of Memorial Day. Staff then passes around the tithe bowl in hopes for donations.

Before the main sermon begins, a new member might be shown onscreen getting baptized at a particular Elevation location or Furtick might be playing a comedic game with another pastor to help liven the crowd.

Back in March, Furtick carried out a series called “Consider the Source.” Through this series, Furtick educated members about what it means to “bring the tithe.” To express his main points, Furtick discussed the concepts of relationship vs. reluctance, entrusted vs. entitled and obedient vs. optional, while also making references to Bible verses that appear on the big screens. 

“God is the source and he gave you the ability to do what you can do, so you should give back to him,” Furtick said. “The devotion to God is not optional and it takes faith to put God first.” 

He spoke about why Christians should tithe, but explained his message in a humorous way through real life experiences with his family and friends. As a part of the sermon, Furtick used pomegranates and played the Vanilla Ice song “Ice Ice Baby” to prove his points.

On June 8, Furtick took a break from preaching and instead, Matthews Pastor Chris Allen came to the Cornelius branch to share his story about the worth of Christ (Jesus) through the series, “Your Verse”.  

“Elevation changed my life,” Allen said. “I recognized God’s spirit on this place.” 

Allen focused his sermon on the way people prioritize and why they should not stack up wins. 

“We rule our lives with wins and losses because we want people to think we are valuable,” he said. “Fearing God means he’s bigger than wins and losses. Compared to knowing Christ, the little pleasures are garbage.”

Allen wrote on an easel board the kinds of wins people constantly look to gain, such as “we stay at work to get the title” or “we focus on appearance to get attention.” He looked at Bible verses of his choice, specifically ones in Philippians and Ecclesiastes, to explain why God is greater than wins.

First-time visitors and dedicated members come to Elevation to discover new insights about their faith. Regular sermons and series, guest speakers and community events provide a true taste of the Elevation experience.


Want to go? Elevation Church Lake Norman is located at 8325 Copley Drive, Cornelius. Worship times: Saturdays at 5 p.m. and Sundays at 9:30 and 11 a.m.