DAVIDSON — Davidson staff have issued a memo to get residents to fight back against a North Carolina bill that potentially removes municipalities’ authority to enact tree ordinances.

The proposal, which was recently recommended by the Agriculture and Forestry Awareness Study Commission, bans cities from adopting rules that regulate the removal, replacement or preservation of trees on private property. This is an addition to the current rule that stops regulations about forestry activity on forestland that is taxed as forestland and forestry activity that is conducted in accordance with a forest management plan that is prepared or approved by a forester registered in accordance with General Statutes.

A manager’s report sent by the town of Davidson states the bill would stop governments from having authority over tree removal and tree preservation that was previously granted. 

“This proposed legislation will harm our community’s ability to promote growth of trees and general community appearance and character, preserve historic natural resources, enhance real estate values, control for storm water pursuant to federal mandates, protect trees during construction, and protect historic and ‘heritage’ trees from removal,” the release states.

The bill is eligible to be included in the 2014 legislative short session and would need passage in both the House and the Senate.