Public works director anticipates summer completion

HUNTERSVILLE – The left-turn lane project at McCoy Road and Julian Clark Avenue is expected to be complete this summer.  

N.C. Department of Transportation has partnered with the town to realign a part of McCoy Road to install the left-turn lane.

“Funding for the McCoy Road and Julian Clark Avenue project is set,” said Max Buchanan, director of engineering and public works. “The town has contributed $21,000 for a right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation.”

The NCDOT plans to pick up the rest of the costs, contributing $430,000. The NCDOT Spot Safety Program is allocating $400,000 of that $430,000. The last $30,000 will come from the NCDOT asphalt resurfacing project savings from last year. 

The realignment of McCoy Road means moving multiple overhead and underground utilities. This must be done first. The town is assisting utility providers to relocate the utilities.  

Surveying for the project began over a year ago. At that time, engineers were designing the alignment and determining the aftermath of implementing both a right-of-way acquisition and utility location.

“It is always necessary to survey and design the alignment prior to utility relocation so the utility companies can best determine how they would like to position their utilities along the proposed roadway,” Buchanan said. “For this project, there were only two utilities that required relocation, Energy United and AT&T.”

Buchanan said the project is on hold until relocation plans are finalized. Only Energy United has completed its relocation.

“We are having difficulty getting AT&T to schedule their remaining work,” Buchanan said. “We have to await completes of those relocations before any work on the project can continue.”

The purpose behind the project is to improve public safety and increase vehicle capacity at the intersection.

“We want to make the curve less severe,” Buchanan said. “One of the reasons this project qualified for Spot Safety Funds was because of the frequency and severity of crashes related to the curve that exists at the intersection today." 

The construction of the left-turn lane from McCoy Road southbound onto Julian Clarke Avenue provides less of a delay, less risk-taking and less braking for oncoming drivers and drivers making left turns out of Julian Clark Avenue.

“Installation of left-turn lanes on high volume roadways results in a safer, more effective and more efficient intersection,” Buchanan said.

He hopes the project will be complete on June 30, but with probable delays, he guarantees it will be finished before school starts back in August.