LOWESVILLE – Lowesville Cafe sits unassumingly on N.C. 16, set far back off the road with a huge gravel parking lot. It is a compact building, crisply painted in red and white, reminiscent of an adorable one-room schoolhouse. The American Flag waves proudly in the breeze.

Upon entering, the customer will see a good-sized room with homey touches such as a chalkboard drawing of a coffee cup on the wall.

Owner Spero Moutselos welcomes patrons with a big smile and even bigger plates of quality food. It’s an excellent diner full of yummy favorites.

Moutselos was born in the U.S. to Greek immigrant parents. At age 10, the family moved back to Greece so he and his brother could learn about their culture.

His parents worked in the restaurant industry and Moutselos worked as well. When he turned 17, the family made a decision to move back to the United States.

“We lived with family and began working at a restaurant,” he said. “We all pooled our money until we came up with the down payment for our own house.”

After they bought the house and got all the finances settled, his father sat Moutselos and his brother down. He told them that from now on their paychecks were their own.

“I remember I went and splurged on a pair of Nikes!” he said. “But then I kept saving my money like I’d been taught.”

The family eventually bought their own restaurant called The Village. Moutselos worked at this restaurant for quite some time and then bought his own restaurant in Huntersville called Chicken King 5. While working there, he often passed the Lowesville Cafe.

He thought to himself how much he would like to own the place. One day, out of the blue, he decided to call and inquire about it. The owner was willing to sell and in January 2013, Moutselos opened it as his own.

At first, he worked with the prior menu which was just breakfast. Now the restaurant does a bustling breakfast and lunch business.

The plates are big at Lowesville Cafe and the portions often extend over the sides. The three-egg Lowesville omelet is stuffed with ham, mushrooms, peppers, onions and cheese and looks as if it has five eggs in it.

It is served with a load of homefries and a choice of toast or biscuit.

They also often run out of the country-style steak, turkey and dressing, and fried chicken. And oh that fried chicken! It is simply amazing ­­– not greasy, perfect crunch and sublime taste.

Moutselos has not forgotten his past.

“I know what it’s like to have two pairs of jeans and feel hungry,” he said.

This is why he serves such big portions at low prices. He wants a family of four to be able to come in, eat and have leftovers. He also would like to do more to feed the homeless in the community.

“My dream is to open the restaurant on Thanksgiving for people who have nowhere to go and feed them an excellent, free meal,” Moutselos said. “I just need to figure out a way to make that happen.”

He also sponsors local sports teams, the Optimist Club and the Girl Scouts.

Now don’t be daunted by the parking lot on weekends.

“I know it looks busy and it is, but we do our best to get people fed and out the door in a timely manner,” Moutselos said.

And don’t be afraid to sit for awhile, either. The friendly staff is happy to accommodate all the diners.

“I just feel really blessed to be here,” Moutselos said. “We are going to feed you some great food and probably send you home with a to-go box.”  


Want to go? Lowesville Cafe, 1610 N.C. 16 S., Lowesville, 704-827-8762.