Cornelius opts out of regional group … again

CORNELIUS — Even with new board members, Cornelius commissioners again voted against participating in the Centralina Council of Governments’ CONNECT Our Future regional initiative.

The board had previously opted out of CONNECT, which encompasses more than a dozen counties in the Carolinas and is said to promote regional economic growth and information sharing.

Mayor Chuck Travis brought the topic back up Feb. 3 to let new commissioners weigh in. Only Cornelius Commissioner Thurman Ross Jr. reconsidered their lack of membership, disapproving the vote.


Town considers launching historical society

CORNELIUS — The town’s Historic Preservation Commission hopes to expand through a potential partnership with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission and the establishment of a Cornelius Historical Society.

Planning Director Wayne Herron fears without more places being designated as historic buildings will be torn down.

The town could use the Charlotte commission's expertise and resources to pinpoint potential landmarks and submit the applications.

The proposed nonprofit Cornelius Historical Society would help with fundraising and events.

A decision by commissioners is slated for a future meeting.