CORNELIUS – Steve Halloran has a long past in boxing and training, so the hours he puts in at his new business are fun and profitable. His FastFit Boxing gym off North Cove Road opened late last fall.

Halloran, who developed a passion for boxing when he was in high school, spent years as a fighter across the East Coast. Working with accomplished fighters, like kickboxing world champion Orlando Rivera, strengthened Halloran’s drive to spend more time in the gym.

Once he sold his linen business last year, Halloran set up shop in Cornelius. His previous business wasn’t nearly as enjoyable, he said, mainly because his heart has been in boxing for years.

“This is what I want to do,” Halloran said. “I love the lake area and this community. I’m living the dream.”

FastFit Boxing trains people in boxing, kickboxing and self-defense. Halloran and his wife, Lisa, the gym’s certified nutritionist, engage members in full-body fitness and training programs that are tailored to each person’s desires.

Monthly memberships, which include unlimited access to trainers, classes and nutrition, cost $95 per month. A 12-month commitment lowers the cost to $79 a month and includes free gloves and wraps, and a year-long membership – which also provides free gloves and wraps – costs $828 if paid in full.

Members’ first sessions include time for nutrition – calculating body mass index, weight and other measurables – as well as the basics of boxing.

“We’ve got people who came from (mixed martial arts) sparring to people who’ve never worked out before,” Steve Halloran said. “(The training) is always intense, whether it’s cardio or skill training.”

You won’t do any sparring at FastFit, he added. While sparring can be beneficial, Halloran said the goal is to maximize members’ training skills and equip them with the ability to lose weight and become adept at boxing.

“Every time you come in my gym, you’ll have contact with a trainer,” he said. “It’s like having a personal trainer the whole time you’re in here.”

The Hallorans also plan to add another trainer to the company sometime in January or February, to handle the demand.

Lisa Halloran’s history in nutrition made it easier for the business to get going, because nutrition plays such a role in training.

“I really love the wellness side of it,” she said. “A lot of people will ask me, ‘OK, how do I lose weight?’ and the first thing I ask them is, ‘What are you eating?’ Eighty percent of fitness is your diet. The other 20 percent comes from the gym.”

Nine out of every 10 people who have tried out the gym wound up getting memberships, she added, so the market is ripe for boxing and fitness training across Lake Norman.

“This is a passion of ours, so it’s been great to see the support we’ve gotten,” she said. “We’re obviously very enthused about it.”

Want to go? FastFit Boxing holds a grand opening Jan. 16 at 19111 N. Cove Road, Cornelius. Details: or 704-654-7811.