DAVIDSON – Todd Sigler, former campus police chief at Southern Illinois University, began working as Davidson College’s chief of campus police and director of public safety on Jan. 6.

Sigler was associated with law enforcement at SIU for three decades, beginning as an undergraduate student. He was eventually promoted to director of public safety.

His work at SIU earned him its Outstanding Civil Service Employee Award in 2004 and the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Service Award in 2006.

Sigler will report to Ed Kania, vice president of finance and administration at Davidson.

“Todd Sigler has had a remarkable career in campus police and public safety, and is extremely knowledgeable about the key issues in higher education, emergency management, Title IX and the Clery Act,” Kanie said. “We were fortunate to hire him at the conclusion of a national search. He has quickly embraced Davidson’s culture of honor and will be a wise leader of our campus police and a caring, responsive advocate of student, faculty and staff safety in the community.”

Sigler said his decision to leave SIU and take the job at Davidson was a very deliberate process. After 30 years at SIU, he felt he had reached the end of his service there.

However, he wasn’t ready to retire from the profession. Sigler began a deliberate search for a position where he could serve until retirement.

“Obviously I’m not a job-hopper,” he said. “I sat back and asked myself, ‘If you’re going to take another bite of the apple, where would you like to do it?’”

He was unfamiliar with Davidson, but began investigating the college and community when he saw the job advertised. He was impressed with what he learned during his inquiries and visits.

“I found a lot of people who were proud of Davidson and would take the time to talk with me about it,” he said. “They took the time to not just say ‘Hello,’ but to ask me questions and listen to my answers.”

Sigler said the motivation for remaining in a profession that can be stressful and sometimes even dangerous lies in its important purpose.

“What I enjoy about police work is its community impact,” he said. “What police do allows the community to function and allows community members to do their jobs and go about their lives without worrying about their safety. I look forward to working in that regard here at Davidson.”