INFOBOX: Other notable projects

Here are a few other local projects planned for completion by 2025:

• Widening Washam Potts Road to Sam Furr Road ($25.3 million)

• Widening West Catawba Avenue to Northcross Drive ($29.2 million)

• Improving the interchange at Interstate 77 and West Plaza Drive ($8.6 million)

• Widening Talbert Road to U.S. 21 (9.1 million)


MOORESVILLE – A draft of the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Authority’s 2040 plan includes many road-improvement projects in the lake area.

Widening a stretch of U.S. 21 and Statesville Road in Huntersville, as well as widening multiple parts of N.C. 150 in Mooresville, were two sections of roads listed in CRTPO’s draft, which asks the North Carolina Department of Transportation for funding.

Statesville Road’s widening from Gilead Road to Holly Point Drive is projected to cost about $22 million. Mooresville, which just joined the CRTPO, is up for road widening from Waddell Road to U.S. 21, among other projects.

Another Statesville Road project, from W.T. Harris Boulevard to Gilead Road, is also included in the draft.

Improvements to the Exit 23 interchange at Interstate 77 and Gilead Road, which would cost $10 million, also earned priority status on the list.

Huntersville and Mooresville projects scored highly on CRTPO’s rankings and would be finished by 2025, pending adoption of the draft and state approval.

The CRTPO’s draft includes three sets of project rankings based on completion dates of 2016-2025, 2026-2030 and 2031-2040.

Regional leaders face a challenge in improving roads as the lake area expands, Huntersville Transportation Director Bill Coxe said.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the money to go out and build stuff before it’s needed,” Coxe said. “You’re always in the position of catching up. What makes this a desirable place to live also brings its problems with it.”

CRTPO Principal Planner Nick Landa cautioned that the transportation plan is updated every four years, so being on the list leaves no guarantee to receive money for a project by the target date.

“Essentially, it gives these projects an opportunity to compete to get into the Transportation Improvement Program,” he added. “From here, they’ll have to go to the state and be evaluated by their criteria under the new transportation legislation.”

CRTPO is allowed to submit 20 projects to the state. The draft also includes widening a stretch of Jetton Road in Cornelius to N.C. 73 and widening N.C. 73 from the Vance Road extension to West Catawba Avenue in Huntersville.

Widening a stretch of University City Boulevard from John Kirk Drive to Interstate 485, costing $25.3 million, also made the 2025 listing.

A proposal to widen Davidson-Concord Road to Poplar Tent Road didn’t score as well and is included in the 2040 listing.

Mooresville’s presence in the high-priority project list, Landa said, is just one of the benefits Iredell County receives by being a part of CRTPO.

“We’ve been trying to get all the new jurisdictions as involved as possible,” Landa said. “Now that they’re part of the (Metropolitan Planning Organization), they’ll have access to Direct Attributable Funds, which go to MPOs with populations higher than 200,000 people. The estimate we’re getting is it’s going to be somewhere between $14 million and $16 million per year for the entire MPO.”

Landa said there’s no way to tell which projects will be completed first. 

“The idea is that the projects (listed in the 2025 list) will compete well, because they scored well at the (CRTPO) level,” he said.