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Food Lion employee thanks community

By now, most of you probably have learned that after many years of serving the community in and around Exit 25, the Food Lion will be closing its doors shortly.

I have been employed as a part-time cashier at this store for close to 11 years. I have seen many employees from management to hourly come and go as well as many customers.

On the other hand, there are customers who I have been serving year after year for the entire time I have been employed. I have had the pleasure of seeing these customers’ lives change and grow over the years – marriages, children, grandchildren, graduations and many other milestones.

It has been fun to watch the children who can barely see over the conveyor belt grow to be taller than me and head off to college.

As I count the days until the store closes its doors for the last time, I have been overwhelmed with the heartfelt questions and concerns from you, my customers.

As you discover that our store is closing, although, you mention that you will miss it for your own personal reasons, most of you make a point of telling the many employees like myself “I am so sorry to hear that for you,” “Will you be OK?” and “Will you have a job at another Food Lion?”

The answers to the questions are important but not nearly as much as the question itself. It truly means the world to all of us that you show such concern.

So in closing, I would like to THANK YOU on behalf of all the Food Lion employees and let you know that it has truly been a pleasure to be of service to you. I will miss our brief talks as you pass through my aisle.

Thank you and with fond memories, your neighborhood Food Lion cashier,


Susan Cohen, Huntersville


Pitbull story could thwart dog fighting

I feel that the article (“Foundation helps abused pit bulls, Aug. 16-22, 2013) will help shine a light onto the issue with dog fighting and will help put a stop to it.

The article also will help raise attention for this cause and will hopefully get more people to help support the cause for these dogs.

I found the story about Lotus very sad and was relived when I later saw that the dog got help and was going strong.

I think your article will definitely help out APBF with their cause and get many more supporters to help these dogs with their needs and finding new good homes for them.


Josh Spencer, Huntersville


The writer is with Boy Scout Troop 19 in Huntersville.