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CORNELIUS – If it weren’t for the fact she was hopping on three legs, it would be hard to tell that Lotus had a tough puppyhood.

The 1-year-old grey pit bull was rescued from a pond in March after being severely beaten and thrown into the water to drown. Her front left leg was broken so badly it had to be amputated. Her pelvis was also broken. 

Lotus was discovered by a neighbor who called animal control who called on the American Pit Bull Foundation to assist in her recovery.

“Our intention was to foster her and then adopt her out then maybe foster another one, but we just fell in love with her,” Charlotte resident Alan Soden said.

He and his wife, Allie, own three pit bulls, two of which they adopted from the APBF – Lotus and Daisy. Their third, Buddy, was obtained from a breeder.

The couple brought their three dogs to Lucky Dog’s Bark and Brew to support an APBF fundraiser “Pits to Princess” on Aug. 10.

The foundation was trying to raise money for three pit bulls that were recovered earlier this year from one of Charlotte’s largest dog-fighting operations. Twenty-seven dogs were rescued from the bust.

Bids were placed online, and the highest bidder gave the three dogs names. For $200, the names Vika, Katya and Meena were given. The event raised about $500, President Sara Enos said.

The event was designed to raise awareness about the issue of dog fighting and abuse in the Charlotte area, as well share information about the foundation and its work. 

The three dogs were not present at the fundraiser as they are receiving training and socialization at Grandbar Kennel. They are in need of foster homes until they are ready for adoption. Those interested should email,

While pit bulls have been given a reputation of being an aggressive and violent breed, the Sodens’ dogs prove otherwise.

It’d be easy to think Lotus would be afraid of people after what happened to her, Alan said. But that’s not the case.

“She’s the sweetest thing in the world,” Allie said.