By Jerel Law
Guest Clergy

There is a certain comfort when we know how things end, isn’t there?  There are books I’ve read multiple times, even though I know that the ending isn’t going to change. 

I’ve recently been re-reading “The Fellowship of the Ring,” and I still enjoy the adventure and dialogue just as much, if not more so, than when I read it the first time.

Knowing the ending somehow enhances the experience. 

I already know that good is going to triumph over evil, but I still get caught up with Frodo and Sam as they carry the ring into the ever-increasing darkness. I still feel their terror as they are hunted by Eye and the wicked horde from Mordor. My anticipation still builds as I walk with them, knowing all along that in the end, in a death-defying feat of bravery and courage deep inside a mountain, Evil will forever be defeated.

There’s a song written by Ben Shive called “A Last Time for Everything.”  He sings about this, that there will come a day when every one of those evil things will die.  There will be a last child to starve to death, a last tear to fall, a last murder, a last victim, a last awful word, a last death from cancer.

The Scriptures speak to this.  I’ve read ahead, so I know how the story ends:

Love wins.

That’s the headline. The god of love will win this battle.  Even though we often don’t see it, because we’re caught up in the day-in and day-out struggle of life, we can know this.  He lives in our future, just as much as He lives in our present.

One day, down the road, we’ll be able to see, with both eyes clearly, that the god of love will win. And then, the difficult things that press so hard against us now will simply be fading memories … the early chapters of our story, perhaps, but certainly not the last.

The Rev. Jerel Law is an author and the founding and former pastor of Connection Church in Cornelius. He has published three middle grade action/adventure books with Thomas Nelson: “Spirit Fighter,” “Fire Prophet,” and “Shadow Chaser.”  His fourth novel, “Truth Runner,” will be published in November.  Law lives with his three kids in Huntersville. Details: