MOORESVILLE – Full disclosure: The Meat House is not a restaurant.

In fact, The Meat House is a butcher shop. So why the restaurant profile?

The Meat House serves up sandwiches made to order plus many other take-and-eat items. Plus, more than 60 percent of the items for sale are made by local businesses.

It is the perfect place to create a restaurant-quality meal in your home.

A high school friend looking to start franchising his neighborhood butcher store approached brothers Fred and Shawn Merrill four years ago.

At the time, Fred Merrill was in the car business. Shawn Merrill was in construction.

But after some consideration, the two decided to jump on the opportunity. They opened The Meat House in Ballantyne two years ago. The second location, in Mooresville, opened in January 2013.

Fred Merrill has moved to Mooresville to run this location while his brother stays behind in Ballantyne.

“A little friendly competition between brothers,” Fred Merrill said, laughing.

The concept is that of a true neighborhood butcher shop.

Customers are greeted at the front door and given a quick tour on their first visit.

The meat counter is the first stop. It is filled with chicken delivered from a local poultry farm that can be bought plain, marinated or already cooked.

“The chicken is so fresh,” Fred Merrill said. “It is slaughtered two days before it sits in our counter.”

The top choice prime meat sits jewel-like in the case showing off its fine marbling. Butchers will also cut the meat to the customer’s specifications.

All the sausage is made in-house, and the burger is pure 100 percent beef.

There is a grill in the back equal to that of any restaurant, so items can be grilled for customers.

The seafood area is at the end of the meat counter.

“Our seafood is so fresh,” Fred Merrill said. “We get shipments in five to six days a week, and it is off the boat the day before it lands in our counter.”

The meat counter is only one part of the shop.

There is also a shopping area filled with fresh and local fare. For example, there are spices made specifically for the shop that are large in size with a small price tag. There are many ready-to-eat items from North Carolina restaurants and vendors such as lasagna or macaroni and cheese. There is key lime pie from Charlotte; Tavern Cheese Spread from Fort Mill; buttermilk biscuits from Monroe; and Farm 430 jelly from Troutman.

The shop uses the local bakery Black Velvet Patisserie for pastries and desserts. Big vats of olive oil and balsamic vinegar allow customers to fill up bottles and then come back to refill when they run out.

There are also hot and cold subs to grab for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Gretchen Beard, of Ballantyne, said she values the freshness of the food.

“The meat counter is so great and I love all the local stuff,” she said as she was picking up a sub to go.

Fred Merrill has created the perfect one-stop-shop with local items and an incredible personal touch.

“We really cater to the customer,” he said.

Want to go?  

The Meat House

491 Williamson Road Mooresville