Wade Malloy
Guest Clergy 

"Life is so short!" That’s what the young man said in my office. He had just received word that his father in Albany, N.Y., had suffered a massive coronary event and died. After he left, I prayed again for him and thought a bit about these last words he said — "Life is so short."

I thought about my time here at SouthLake. I’m scheduled to turn 59 in less than a month. I was 37 when I first arrived here. And Dorinda and I hope to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary on June 1. I can still see her clearly coming down the aisle at Northshore Church. My knees went wobbly, and I lost my breath.

Kids come, grow up, move on. And you think, "Yeah, life is short." So, what to do? Let me offer you seven ideas:

1) (And this sums up all of my ideas). Commit the time you have before you to God. We are to work for the Kingdom of our Christ as long as He gives us physical and/or mental strength to do so. What will that work look like? Well, He will show you.

2) Become or continue to be, a prayer warrior. Pray for the lost, this church, our nation, your officers, missionaries. You get the idea. Pray.

3) Commit to knowing more of God’s word. Put into practice a daily time of scripture reading. And I don’t mean a verse here and a verse there.

4) Be more diligent in worship. Enough said.

5) Be a resource for younger people. And no matter how young or old you are, there are people younger than you.

6) Give to God’s work. As our resources increase, so should our generosity.

7) Actively look for ways to serve God and follow up on them.

How’s that? It’s a fairly short list. Join me in committing all the days before us to the service of Jesus because that young man was right, “Life is so short!”

Wade Malloy is senior pastor of SouthLake Church of the Presbyterian Church of America denomination. SouthLake is located at the corner of N.C. 73 and Hagers Ferry Road in Huntersville.