Mrs. Sarah McAuley Town of Huntersville,

My name is William Rakatansky and I am a former Cornelius Town Commissioner who served the Town from 1993 to 1995.

My single term was a result of a decision I made not to campaign for re-election because my job at that time was getting more intrusive into my time even though I had filed for re-election.

I missed getting re-elected by 6 votes. I guess that shows the voter following I had, by my listening and serving the people of Cornelius.

I seriously doubt that you will garner such support, based upon your shameful actions at the MUMPO meeting last night.

I have a very simple question: What would it have hurt your group to listen to the people who have a different opinion about toll lanes?

It would have caused you and your group to stay at most another 45 minutes. By my calculations, 45 minutes of your time would have shown the attendees some respect.

However, what you did is to show disdain and animosity to the attendees.

After your dictatorial edict limiting the comment period to a total of 10 minutes, you did not even pretend to listen to these people.

What you did was give the attendees, the public, and the media the distinct impression that you and your group had made a "back-room deal" and you already knew that the toll lanes would be supported and passed by a majority of your group, despite whatever logical arguments against the tolls that the people in attendance may have given if you had let them speak and waived the 10 minute total policy.

If you waived this policy, you would have at least shown respect for the people who took time out of their evening to come to your meeting to express their opinions.

But as it turned out, you had absolutely no respect, compassion, or even a willingness to have their comments go in one of your ears and out the other.

You shut down any opposing comments, for what purpose? You acted more like a powerful queen than a people's representative.

If I were a resident of Huntersville, I would put forth a candidate to run against you, possibly even myself, and campaign very hard to make sure that you never held an honorable elected position again.

You don't deserve the honor that the title of commissioner entails, and you certainly don't deserve any respect or admiration for what you did last (week).

In my opinion, you need to hang your head in shame, ask for forgiveness from the people you insulted, and remember what it was like to respect people and show compassion for them.

You should immediately resign as Chair of MUMPO and allow a people's representative to take over that spot; and you should also resign your commission seat in Huntersville because your behavior reflects badly on your town, bringing disdain and ridicule to the voters from Huntersville who elected you.

You have damaged your reputation, the Town's reputation, and the entire political process.

You may have thought you were being courageous last night, but you were cowering from public opinion.

Do you have the fortitude to engage involved citizens in conversation to hear them out? Or will you throw my letter away without even considering my thoughts?


William Rakatansky