HUNTERSVILLE – Huntersville Mayor Jill Swain’s 10-day trip to China to learn how to bring Chinese factories to town was an eye-opening experience.

One Chinese city, she said, was in the process of rebuilding itself.

After Huntersville’s May 20 town board meeting and agenda discussion, Swain said the town she helps govern needs no rebuilding.

“Our new budget shows how we are growing and how we’re succeeding,” she said.

Huntersville’s budget, released to the public earlier this month, was met with no comment from residents in the scheduled public hearing.

Swain was away when town leaders met regarding the budget on May 13. It is scheduled for a vote in June.

“I think we’re looking at being very conscious about diversifying the tax rate and trying to bring in more corporations,” she said. “We’re thinking outside the box and looking for more partners, so we could maybe get more matching grants. The same (goes for) projects. If we put money into upgrading an intersection, we show (how committed) we are to the state to improving.”

Town Manager Greg Ferguson said the new budget “doesn’t have a lot of surprises. It’s a pretty standard operating budget.”

Swain said the town’s employment makes the budget all the more impressive.

“The people of Huntersville are getting a heck of a deal,” she said. “If you look at the statistics, we have the fewest number of employees per capita, which means our employees are working harder for the citizens than the top municipalities (in the state).

“Our tax rate has not changed, and yet people look around and see the road improvements and the infrastructure happening. People are getting good bang for their buck.”

During the meeting, the board also:

• Approved an amended Capital Project Ordinance for the Highway 73 Project for total costs;

• Approved a budget amendment appropriating $85,000 in the Storm Water Fund Balance for additional projects;

• Announced Commissioner Jeff Neely will replace Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem Sarah McAulay as the board’s representative to Visit Lake Norman.

Want to see the budget?

Huntersville’s new fiscal year budget is available online at under the “Current Downloads” section.