By Angie Moses 

How did Katie Dixon get nationally known musician Derek Webb to give a concert at her fitness studio in Cornelius? How did Webb, who used to play 10,000-seat venues with Christian band Caedmon’s Call, wind up playing before 75 people at the Kadi Fit venue?

Katie’s friend asked him.

“A friend of mine, Peter Bailey, is a huge Derek Webb fan,” Katie said. “He noticed Derek was not playing in the Carolinas for his tour, so he simply asked.”

“Can Peter Bailey ask Bill Gates to give me some money for my son’s college tuition?” I asked.

Katie didn’t answer, so I think that means no.

The concert took place May 9.

"What stuck out to me was that Derek took the time to talk about each song beforehand," Katie said. "He shared a lot of insightful thoughts into faith and Christianity. It was refreshing to hear something unlike a lot of the sugar-coated talk we are used to.”

Kadi Fit, which bills itself as a “lifestyle design studio,” regularly accommodates live music, hosting weekly worship services for Journey Church and Inclusion Church, as well as a twice-monthly open mic night. The fitness studio also helps sponsor Tawba Walk, an art crawl in downtown Cornelius.

When the 30-year-old Charlotte native began Kadi Fit in January 2010, she combined her love of dance, her marketing degree, and her interest in the arts. She hopes that in addition to fitness, people will also find “other ways to be inspired.”

Kadi Fit is located at19275 Oak St., in the old Oak Street Cotton Mill. For more information visit