If anyone in the Charlotte area has a TV, you probably heard the story of  “raising the minimum wage.” Which is a joke. Let’s look on the reason why this is going to be proposed.

It is because people can’t afford the basic living necessities that is currently upon us. The cost would be raised to $9 an hour. If a person works 48 hours a week, with taxes, would be lucky if he or she brought home $14,000 a year. That doesn’t include the money they have to spend on gas, water, food, electric and clothing.

Now look at the outcome it will have on small business. Less people will be hired because right now there aren’t enough people out there spending.  Or, the price of goods will go up even more to cover the cost to pay an employee.

This is getting out of hand. This is nothing but a face wash offered from washed up political hacks to get people to feel good and think they are getting something. In turn, these people will vote these hacks back in office.

We need to look at history, when the price of basic necessities were at the low peak, business couldn’t keep up with supply and demand. You want to fix a broken economy, do it by cutting the fraud, waste, and abuse. Start giving more people breathing room, so they can save, spend and invest. Stop buying into the face wash programs and demand more out these political hacks.

If not tell them to “TAKE A HIKE.”

– Dominick Cianchetti Jr., Huntersville