Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration annual report on drug use and mental health disorders in America (2011).


- Americans cannot afford the cost of their mental health treatment — even if they have insurance. 

- The report estimates that 45.6 million American adults suffered from a mental illness in 2011 – about 19.6 percent of the adult population. Of that 45.6 million, 38.2 percent received some kind of mental health services. 

Reasons:                                                            Percentage 

Could not afford cost                                                50.1 

Could handle problem                                               28.8

Without Treatment


Did Not Know Where                                                16.2

To Go For Services


Did Not Have Time                                                   15.1


Treatment Would Not Help                                          10.4


Did Not Feel Need for Treatment                                    8.5


Health Insurance Did Not Cover                                      8.3

Enough of Treatment Cost


Cause a Negative Opinion from                                      8.0

the Community/Neighbors


Did Not Want Others to Find Out                                     7.1


Might have negative effect on job                                     7.0           


Fear of Being Committed/Having                                      7.0

To Take Medicine


Treatment Not Covered by Insurance                                   6.7


Concerned about Confidentiality                                         5.9