The Huntersville Police Department has charged a 15-year-old North Mecklenburg student with attempted first-degree murder after he attacked a 14-year-old girl on school campus April 9.

The boy has been arrested and is being held at a Juvenile Detention Facility.  

The incident is thought to be isolated and police believe that no other students were in danger at any time.

On April 10 the Huntersville Police Department School Resource Officer was made aware of a student on campus who needed medical attention. While first responders were assessing the victim, she stated that she was attacked and someone tried to kill her. 

Through investigation a student was identified, taken into custody and brought to the Huntersville Police Department for questioning. The girl was transported to Presbyterian Hospital and treated for injuries suffered during the attack and interviewed by detectives.

The girl told police that the boy lured the her to the woods behind the school because he wanted to show her something. He knocked her to the ground, got on top of her and began strangling her while wearing gloves.

She struggled with him and pleaded for him not to kill her. At one point he stopped and punched her twice, in the head and face.

He then strangled her again to the point she lost consciousness, police said. The victim regained consciousness and pretended like she was dead.

Before he left, the girl promised to not tell anyone what happened because she was afraid it could happen again.

A motive is unclear, but the girl explained that she had been friends with the boy for about a year, and he asked her on a date at the beginning of last month.

The girl didn’t acknowledge the boy's advances and told police that things were uncomfortable the past month.

Calls to the Huntersville Police Department were not returned before The Herald Weekly’s press deadline.

Police did not report either the boy’s name or the girl’s because of their ages. State law requires schools to report any acts of “assault involving serious personal injury” to local police.

The violent act could result in a short term suspension (up to 10 days), long-term suspension (up to 30 days), year-long suspension or expulsion, based on the school’s recommendation.

Huntersville Police Deputy Chief Michael Key said he believes the boy is still in custody at the detention center. The girl has been released from the hospital, he said. 

Anyone with information concerning this crime, or anyone requesting more information, should contact Deputy Chief Michael Kee at 704-464-5400.