HUNTERSVILLE – A few months ago, the children of Musical Minds were learning the fundamentals of musical rhythm on buckets.

Now, thanks to a financial donation from the Davidson United Methodist Church and help from their minister of music and worship, Kevin Turner, the 25 Blythe Elementary School students each have their own violin.

“We have seen a big difference with our kids’ grades improving,” said Blythe’s assistant principal Anthony Perkins. “We appreciate Musical Minds coming to our school, choosing our students and giving them an opportunity that other students don’t have.”

Khalilah Rivers, a parent of Solomon, one of the Musical Minds students, said that her son is on the autism spectrum and she has noticed improvement in his performance at school and at home.

“He’s being more responsible as far as taking care of the things he has,” Khalilah said. “He also has a lot more focus on his schoolwork and I have noticed that he has picked up on his math a lot.”

Once the students get to a certain skill level, they will be able to take their violins home.

Frank Albert, owner of Davidson Violins, helped with tuning and repair of the violins and will be teaching classes along with Jennifer Worsham of the Lake Norman Symphony.

“One of the things that has always been challenge, is when are they going to play?” Albert said. “Well, they will. It’s going to take a little time, but were are going to carefully build a foundation.”

Musical Minds is an after school program to help children learn and grow through musical instruction.

The program serves 25 children at Blythe Elementary in Huntersville, but is looking to expand in the coming school years.

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