Cornelius Commissioner John Bradford said that board members are still interviewing candidates for the Town Board's vacant seat.

The seat became vacant in January when Lynette Rinker was chosen by the board to backfill Rep. Jeff Tarte position as mayor.

The Feb. 4 Cornelius Town Board began with two presentations by Rodney Short, the town's representative on the board of MI-Connection and Ada Jenkins.

MI-Connection 2013 Q2 Financial and Operations Report

Short reported that MI-Connection saw steady second quarter results with revenue up 4.2 percent, expenses down 4.4 percent and 85.4 percent increase in Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation And Amortization (EBIDA).

Short said that a key focus for MI-Connection will be on increasing high definition channel advertisement insertion.

MI-Connection is only able to insert advertisements into analog channels.

Short said that because 50 percent of MI-Connection customers subscribe to HD, they are not going to watch analog channels when they have a better option.

MI-Connection's TV Everywhere, which was previously scheudled to luanch in January has been delayed due to programming negotiations. Short said the board expects that program to launch by the end of February.

Ada Jenkins Center LEARN Works Program

Short presented on results for Cornelius' investment in Ada Jenkin's LEARN Works program.

The LEARN Works program serves 100 percent impoverished, at-risk youth in grades 1-6.

Ada Jenkin's website outlines the goals of the LEARN Works program as follows:

• Promote and foster literacy as a foundation for student development
• Foster growth in academics by building academic skills
• Increase academic confidence
• Encourage and promote leadership development through enrichment activities and exposure to community resources and leaders.

Of the 99 students enrolled in the program, 55 live in Cornelius.

Last year the program had 100 percent of their students advance to the next grade level.

Other board news...

Cornelius Project Manager Tyler Beardsley gave proposals for a sidewalk on Torrence Chapel Road.

Beardsley said the town has recieved  kickback from Torrence Chapel residents regarding which side of the road to build the sidewalk.

“Clearly there is support for a sidewalk," said Commissioner Dave Gilroy, "and I think the logic, for six or eight different reasons, is most compelling on the southwest side where the space is.”

The town voted to approve the sidewalk on the southwest side of Torrence Chapel Road.

Julie Miller was appointed to the Historic Preservation commissioner seat seven.

An Audit Contract for FY2013 was awarded to Martin Starnes, the company that has performed Cornelius' annual audit for the last three years.