DAVIDSON – The town will soon see the completion of two of its tallest buildings.

The six-story MSC Industrial Direct building, that can be seen from Interstate 77, is expected to open this summer.

The second building, under construction at 212 S. Main St., will house J.J. Wade and Associates, owned by J.J. Wade III. The risk management and insurance company will move in by the end of May or the first of June.

J.J. Wade expanding

“We are growing rapidly and we have run out of space where we are,” said Wade. “To the point, that we hired someone a few months ago, and have had to put his desk in the kitchen.”

J.J. Wade and Associates and its 21 employees are currently housed in the 100 year-old Mooney's Hardware Building at 208 S. Main St.,  near town hall.

Wade said that the company has an immediate need for more work space and needs room to grow.

The new building will provide a window office for each of its employees, whereas the current facilities only allow for five of the 21 to enjoy the sunlight. The new building will be more energy efficient and include updated phone and data systems.

The former Davidson Library building once stood at the so-called Mooney’s Corner. The previous occupant of the space was Artisan Builders.

The bottom floor of the building was originally slated to occupy retail space, but when they move in later this spring, J.J. Wade and Associates will fill the entire four-story building. The building's designs were approved by the Design Review Board and received a certificate of appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission.

MSC builds six-story co-headquarters

If you've driven by exit 30 on I-77, you've noticed the MSC development located off of Harbour Place Drive.

The project is a multi-phase office complex for location of MSC Industrial Direct's co-headquarters. The company's original headquarters is located in Melville, N.Y.

The finished building is expected to be roughly 180,000 square feet. The company plans to build another same-sized building adjacent to the current structure, along with a parking deck. 

Before the MSC building went up, the nearby Homewood Suites, five floors, was the tallest buidling in Davidson.

“Both of these projects were approved by-right and did not have to go through a rezoning process,” said Ben McCrary of the town's planning department. “The MSC site is part of a larger (plan)  that was originally approved in 2004.”