By Kaitlin Roberts

DAVIDSON – Craving Mexican food? Don’t leave Davidson to satisfy your palate.

Last month, husband and wife Doug and Edie Surratt opened Carrburritos, a Mexican restaurant and bar on South Main Street.

While Carrburritos is new to Davidson, the name has a following in Carrborro. Edie’s sister and brother-in-law, Gail and Bill Fairbanks, have been running the original Carrburritos for 16 years, earning awards and stellar reviews.  

During those years, Doug and Edie were living in Davidson. Edie works for WDAV, Davidson College’s classical public radio station, and Doug owns Baybridge Management, a medical management business located in Stowe’s Corner.

Seeing a need for good Mexican food, Doug and Edie dreamed of bringing the family business to Davidson.

“After much convincing, we finally decided to open one here,” Edie said, “and I don’t think we would do it anywhere else.”

Because Carrburritos is such a well-established brand, Doug and Edie decided to stick with the name.

“When we told people we were going to open a restaurant, they said, ‘That’s nice.’ But when we said we were opening a Carrburritos, suddenly people got excited. They were like ‘I love that place! I remember going there in college.’”

Edie and Doug might be hopping on the family bandwagon, but they’re putting their own spin on things. Edie helped start the Davidson Farmers Market and looks forward to making local food part of the Carrburritos menu.

“We’re such a high-volume restaurant we can’t source all local, but we’ll have a farmers market special and use whatever is in season,” she said.  

Carrburritos offers six different homemade salsas made fresh daily. Ranging from sweet frutas salsa to spicy red habanero, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

“It’s part of the education process – getting people to dress up their food,” Edie said.

Even with family to show them the ropes, Doug and Edie are learning on their feet.

“When we first opened the doors, the crowds were there,” she said.  “We’re learning, adapting, tweaking as we go, but the community has been very receptive. We really believe in Davidson.”

Carrburritos is for all age groups, but its full bar offers excellent deals on drinks such as Margarita Mondays, Cerveza Tuesday and specials on wine.

Longtime residents Harriet Kessler, Amy Diamond and Margo Williams said they have been impressed with the affordability and delicious food.  

“We’re from Texas,” said Williams, gesturing to Kessler across the booth, “so we know good guacamole.”

Helen Halaweh and police officer David Houk stopped by Carrburritos during their lunch breaks to try out the fish burrito and beef burrito.  

“There’s Flatiron, Sabi, Toast, but really nothing like this,” said Halaweh. “And it’s a good price.”

Even Edie has trouble picking a favorite item.

“The crispy corn tacos with beef are really good, but I’m also very addicted to the guacamole,” she said. “Wait no, my favorite are the nachos!”  

Want to go?

Carrburritos, located at 445 S. Main St., Davidson, is open for lunch and dinner from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Wednesday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Thursday-Saturday.

For more information, visit the restaurant’s website,