by Jackson Sveen

DAVIDSON -– The Davidson town board approved 4-0 after a public hearing this week to allow MSC to use an internal light source for the company sign facing Interstate 77 at Exit 30.

The company’s new headquarters building is expected to open this summer.

Several Davidson residents were in attendance for the Feb. 12 discussion along with executives and an architect from MSC.

While residents and planning board member Michael Higgs were not in favor of the proposed signage, other residents and business community members favored the plan.

At issue was the light source. External lights, where flood or spotlights are used to illuminate a sign, cause more light pollution than an internal light source, according to Rob Rule, one of the MSC building’s architects.

Commissioner Connie Wessner was absent.

Davidson accepting applications for nonprofit funding

DAVIDSON – Davidson is accepting applications until Feb. 28 from town-based nonprofits for start-up grants or funding.

The town’s nonprofit committee will determine the eligibility of the applications.

Start-up funds are for a maximum of $1,000 per organization and available to finance a business plan, form a board of directors, file for incorporation or tax-exempt status, and other start-up costs.

Applicants must have an articulated mission that serves Davidson citizens and meets a public purpose that town government isn’t directly fulfilling. Established nonprofits can apply for funding grants.

Annually, all funded agencies will be required to present to the Davidson board of commissioners a report showing the degree to which they are accomplishing their stated objectives.

Requirements for applying are: The nonprofit’s latest financial statements, the nonprofit’s most recently filed IRS Form 990, Form 990-EZ or a copy of its Form 990-N submittal confirmation and a narrative describing how the funding will be used for a public purpose that furthers the town’s mission, vision, and core values.

funding for detailed information and applications.

Contact Assistant Town Manager Dawn Blobaum at 704-892-7591 or for more information.