LAS VEGAS – Dolf Dunn of Dolf Dunn Wealth Management LLC attended the annual Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference on Jan. 20-23 in Las Vegas. The conference focused on enhanced learning on investments, insurance, tax, estate, retirement and elder planning.

The conference, hosted by the American Institute of CPAs, provided personal financial planners and other professionals with new techniques and information they can use to help clients achieve financial goals. This year’s conference was especially timely, coming just days after passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act.

“These changes significantly impact financial, investment and tax planning and make it imperative that individuals coordinate all aspects to maximize success. CPA financial planners like Dolf gained a head start on strategies that can maximize planning opportunities for their clients,” said Scott Sprinkle, conference chairman.

Dunn holds the CPA Personal Financial Specialist credential, which is available to CPAs who specialize in personal financial planning.

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