I don’t think Santa Claus likes me.

When I was a little boy, Santa used to bring me video games and action figures. As I got older, he would give me socks and underwear. But these days, I get nothing!

So every few weeks, I email Santa in hopes of convincing him that I’ve been a good boy. One of his elves finally replied to my emails. She said the only way I could get back on the good list was if I helped Santa spread Christmas cheer. So here’s what I plan to do:

• The Herald Weekly will promote holiday happenings as we hear about them. You can flip to page 11 to find a round-up of 33 ways to celebrate the holidays around Lake Norman.

• We’ll publish letters to Santa next month. We’ll put them all on our website and publish the cutest ones in the newspaper. Email them to santa@huntersvilleherald.com.

• We also plan on publishing a story about where to find the best Christmas light displays in the area. Email us suggestions at lights@huntersvilleherald.com.

Hopefully, Santa will appreciate this and put me back on the good list. I could use some socks and underwear.