MOORESVILLE – Montreal-based CMJ Productions visited downtown Nov. 14 on a fact-finding mission. The independent production company needed to conduct research for an episode in its “MonsterQuest” documentary series.

Cotton Ketchie, owner of Landmark Galleries, was interviewed about “Normie,” the fabled monster of Lake Norman. CMJ was also interested in the town’s folklore, its economic transformation to a racing hot spot and old fishing tales. 

Ketchie said the crew came into his shop Nov. 14 to chat with him about life in Mooresville before the creation of Lake Norman in 1963. He offered them some photographs he’d taken and told a few stories about going fishing and swimming down the Brawley School Road peninsula years ago with his father.

“They travel all over the world researching mythological monsters,” Ketchie said of CMJ. “I told them I’d never seen any in Lake Norman. I drew a monster with sharp teeth while we were talking like what I imagined Normie looked like. I said that we did have some catfish out in the lake that were about 100 pounds.”

CMJ sells its programming to networks such as History Channel US.