CHARLOTTE – Students, teachers and parents of Corvian Community School will install 16 nest boxes 10 a.m. Nov. 16 around their campus to become a certified schoolyard habitat. 

Some of the nest boxes are part of the state and local Audubon nest box initiative to help Brown-headed Nuthatches and will be installed with predator guards low enough to be monitored by students.             

“This project will not only allow students to learn the importance of improving habitats in our area but also to provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation for them, as well,” said third-grade teacher Christa Olech.  “We will learn more about this project in class twice a month and include an article on the topic in our school newsletter, The Habitat Herald.”

Corvian Community School teamed up with Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation, volunteers from the Master Naturalist Corps and the US Green Building Council of North Carolina for the event.   

Corvian is a charter school serving grades K-4. Each year, a new grade will be added to complete a K-12 school.