CORNELIUS – Not every fifth-grader sends their teacher and principal a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation they created that wasn’t assigned.

But JV Washam Elementary fifth-grader Morgan Tsui did. Her presentation calls for her school to help Carolina PAWS aid animals in need. PAWS stands for Pet Adoption & Welfare Society.

The slide show highlighted the conditions homeless animals face, the way her school community could help and an outline of the donation drive.

“I was sitting at home one night and got a PowerPoint from Morgan,” Principal Rachel Ann Williams recalled. “I was blown away … She took full initiative.”

Williams gave Tsui the green light to organize a school-wide donation drive Nov. 7-15.

Tsui decorated the donation bins with cardboard and construction paper to look like dogs. Each hallway had a bin to collect items like leashes, toys and treats.

Tsui was inspired to organize the drive after coming across a story where Carolina PAWS recently rescued eight puppies on a porch in Union County. They were found with no food and little water.

Tsui isn’t like any fifth-grader. She has straight A’s and always has. She takes the initiative and doesn’t have to be told to do things, Williams said.

With three dogs and two cats at her home, Tsui is an animal lover at heart.

“My favorite is when they cuddle with you and lick you,” she said, smiling.

But she doesn’t know if she’ll choose a career that involves animals when she’s older. Right now, she’s thinking about becoming a CNN reporter or a lawyer.