by Jackson Sveen

CORNELIUS – Mayor Lynette Rinker announced that the town board is reviewing applicants for the vacant commissioners seat. They expect to have a resolution by the next board meeting on Feb. 4.

When Rinker took over as the town’s mayor at the beginning of the year, a commissioner’s seat opened up on the board.

Cornelius residents interested in filling the vacant seat were asked to submit an application to be reviewed by the board.

Here are some of the highlights from the list of applicants:

Robert Ageenko

“I have considerable problem-solving experience dealing with different kinds of organizations (government, private, small and large) and different types of people in the U.S. and around the globe,” said Ageenko in his cover letter. “I want to leverage my management and professional experience to help our town and its citizens to keep prospering.”

Ageenko is the owner and CEO of Lake Norman Industries LLC in Cornelius. The company specializes in product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of premium natural products.

Ageenko studied at the Moscow Institute of Management in Russia, where he received a master’s degree in economic cybernetics in 1983.

Kevin J. Davis

“A fiscal conservative, my general philosophy is ‘that government is best, that governs least,’ ” said Davis in his cover letter. “Local government should be focused on maintaining a business friendly environment. Local officials should view local businesses as their customers, taking time to learn what businesses need in order to grow and thrive.”

Davis is a senior sales manager at DHL Global Mail, based in Weston, Fla.

He received a bachelor’s degree in business in 1983 from Haverford College in Pennsylvania.

Davis retired in 1994 as a major in the United States Marine Corps Reserve after serving for 11 years.

He serves as an assistant scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts, second vice president of the Lions Club of Davidson and junior warden of vestry at his church.

James E. Duke

“As president of the Peninsula Property Owners Association, I worked with and for residents to improve the quality of life and property values for our community,” said Duke in his cover letter. “I am ready to work as diligently and creatively for all resident of this magnificent town.”

Duke, who is retired, served as a senior analyst, team chief and legislative analyst for the Office of Management and Budget Executive Office of the President. Before that he worked in the offices of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He also served as the aide-de-camp to a Deputy Corps Commander in Europe and served two combat tours as an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

Duke received a master’s degree in business administration from Syracuse University in New York and a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University in Texas.

He served as chairman of the mayor’s Water Task Force in 2009 and was appointed last year as chairman of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Advisory Committee.

Peter McCormack

“I realize that the position would only be temporary and that an election would take place in November for the seat,” said McCormack in his cover letter, “and with no past political affiliations, I would not likely be subject to any influence or thoughts of advancing my political career.”

McCormack served 28 years with the New York State Police before moving to Cornelius in 2012. He has 19 years of criminal investigative experience, including eight years with the counter terrorism intelligence unit.

McCormack received a bachelor’s degree in communications from SUNY, Plattsburg.

Mike Montanaro

“I am a 20-year tax-paying, home-owning, local-working resident of Cornelius,” said Monanaro in his cover letter, “and though I understand this does not grant me any special rights to the board seat, I also understand that most residents are not interested in having a direct voice in the decisions that affect our lives. I am not those people.”

Montanaro did not submit a resume, but states in his cover letter that he has 18 years in aviation maintenance safety experience and 10 years as a project manager of a local construction company.

Thurman Ross

“Many of you are aware that I am still the longest-serving commissioner in the history of the Cornelius Town Board.” said Ross in his cover letter. “Due to my experience, appointing me to the vacant seat would allow the board to continue business without having to bring an unfamiliar appointee up to speed.”

Ross did not submit a resume, but highlighted accomplishments he was most proud of during his 16 years on the board.

They were the fire stations, keeping a low tax rate, the new police station and the library.

Bruce Trimbur

“I am a multi-tasking, dynamic people person who recognizes the value of learning,” said Trimbur in his letter. “As a leader, I enjoy working with colleagues to accomplish goals and understand when to use the strength of others and how to motivate effectively.”

Trimbur serves as a director of national account sales for Lumenergi.

He received a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing supervision from Indiana State University’s School of Technology.

He is the chairman for the town’s Department of Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture board.