Joining a gym, getting fit and losing weight round out the most popular resolutions each year.

Gyms are filled to capacity on Jan. 1, but attendance quickly trails off as people give up on their goals.

Picking the gym that fits your lifestyle may be the answer to making that resolution last all year. Here’s a look at three distinct types of gyms in the Lake Norman area.

CrossFit LKN – Huntersville

You may have heard of CrossFit or seen their bumper stickers.

CrossFit Inc. is a fitness company founded by Greg Glassman in 2000 and now has thousands of affiliated gyms across the country.

Kyle Ruth owns CrossFit LKN in Huntersville.

He bought the branch in November 2011 and has since grown the membership from about 50 to more than 200.

They offer classes for all different experience levels, from beginners to Olympians (Ruth helped train Olympic swimmer Roy-Allan Burch).

The basic CrossFit class is a comprehensive fitness program that focuses on flexibility, mobility, strength and conditioning training.

Even though Ruth describes CrossFit as “hardcore,” the program can work for everyone. “We teach people how to move correctly and train correctly,” he said.

CrossFit LKN is located at 9825 Northcross Center Court, Suite R in Huntersville. Visit or call 704-892-0972 for more information.

Lahiri Yoga Center – Mooresville

Yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise in the past few decades.

“It was thought of as a kind of mystical practice, like you had to be a little bit off-center,” said Sati Chapelle, owner of Lahiri Yoga Center in Mooresville. “But I think it has been demystified.”

Lahiri Yoga Center offers a wide variety of classes, including yoga, pilates mat,
pilates apparatus and breast-cancer survivor classes.

Even though classes are broken up by difficulty, Chapelle and her staff watch what’s happening in the students’ body and adjust the class accordingly.

“If I have a class level set and see a group of people that aren’t ready or are well beyond that level, I am going to teach to that,” she said. “We will vary the class based on who is in the room.”

The class sizes at Lahiri Yoga Center are typically smaller than those at a traditional gym, which contributes to a more personal and intimate setting.

Lahiri Yoga
Studio is located at 155 Joe V. Knox Road, Mooresville. Visit or call 704-662-0946 for more information.

Sally’s YMCA – Denver

For those who prefer the more traditional gym setting, the YMCA in Denver and those in the greater Charlotte region offer a wide variety of workout and membership options.

“The Y is truly a place for everyone,” said Jason Lampton, YCommunity Marketing Senior Director for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte. “Many people are drawn to the Y because of the Christian emphasis and nurturing, caring environment.”

The YMCA has programs for every age and fitness level. There are low intensity group exercise classes for beginners. There are classes and programs specially designed for seniors. Then there are very high intensity group exercise classes and programs.

Membership is completely customizable based on the individual or family needs.

YMCA rates are calculated by household income and the number of family members joining.

“Our goal isn’t only to help people meet their health and fitness goals,” Lampton said. “But to connect and engage our members and community. It’s a place for people to come together.”

Visit for more information about the YMCA’s facilities and rates, or visit a local branch.