Reader weighs in on gun law debate


In recent headlines we have heard the issue of gun laws. Political figureheads have told us that we need to outlaw guns. The guns are the one committing the crimes.

I am sorry, but when did a gun pick itself up and fire on its own? Someone is holding that gun. Someone is pulling that trigger.

I recently received a degree in criminal justice. The one thing that I learned is that it is the person that commits the crime.

In China, someone went off on a knife spree. A person’s bare hands can also kill. Are we going to outlaw that now, as well? We are in a time where the message we are sending is totally off the page. We the people are falling hard for it.

We need to stand up and say enough is enough. These political hacks are giving us nothing more than a face wash. If a person is determined enough to commit such a heinous act, they will go to the extent to get it done.

Look at people on drugs. They still get their hands on them. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee and connect the dots that outlawing guns are not going to stop the outbreak we are seeing.

Take a look at the recent outbreaks and the people that committed those crimes. Take a look at their background and story.  See how we ignored it. That is the message we need to change. If I had the call, I would be buying a one-way bus ticket for people like Andrew Cuomo and send them right home.

– Dominick Cianchetti, Huntersville