CORNELIUS – The Cornelius Town Board approved a proposal that could change the geographical layout of business and amenities throughout the town.

Bill Eubanks, creative director at Urban Edge Studio of Mt. Pleasant, S.C., presented to the board his proposal for the urban re-design possibilities.

“We need to find ways to celebrate the lake. It’s a huge part of what Cornelius is,” Eubanks said. “Everything you do as a community should be geared towards building a strong core and supporting your local business.”

The presentation was broken down by five areas with different land use for each:

• Community Activity Centers at undeveloped or underdeveloped areas flanking West Catawba Avenue.

• Commercial Infill Development and Redevelopment at the areas on either side of West Catawba Avenue that are being targeted for redevelopment and revitalization in a more compact, urban form.

• Accommodations and Retail Redevelopment and Infill that will provide for accommodations (hotels) and support uses, such as restaurants, within close proximity to the interstate.

• Neighborhood and Mixed-Use Redevelopment and Revitalization will provide more north-south and east-west connectivity options (both vehicular and pedestrian) and allow for redevelopment over time with higher densities.

The Smithville Community is seen as an important cultural and community asset in Cornelius and is being targeted for redevelopment and revitalization.

• Downtown Redevelopment Opportunity, including an arts and food hub, would be located across from Town Hall and be seen as an area where the arts, crafts, local food and culinary arts may flourish.

Mayor Lynette Rinker thanked Eubanks for sticking with the project, but said it’s now on the board to carry out the vision.

“We have a lot of work to do and some exciting opportunities,” she said. “Now, that we have them laid out for us, it’s really going to be fun to work this and hopefully one day see it all come to fruition.”

Click here for the complete presentation, including a map with specifically proposed locations: Exit 28 Small Area Plan