by Aaron Burns

DAVIDSON – More than 10,000 volunteers are needed for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, but Davidson College students aren’t waiting for the event’s opening to leave their mark.

Approximately 15 of the roughly 127 members of Davidson’s College Democrats organization took part in various internships in Charlotte to prep for the DNC, College Democrats President Rahael Borchers said.

Each intern’s responsibilities varied. But Borchers said the opportunity to assist with the convention was a once in a lifetime opportunity that no student could miss, regardless of their role.

“The biggest benefit was feeling like you’re able to help those who are working for the ideals of the (Democratic) party,” said Borchers, a sophomore political science major.

“To be able to see that in action is exciting. We’re a small college, but we definitely are strong (when working together).”

The DNC takes place Sept. 3-5 at Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium on Sept. 6, where President
Barack Obama will accept his nomination for a re-election.

The DNC estimates 30,000-35,000 people will attend the event, including 15,000 credentialed media. Its estimated economic impact is $150-200 million.

Borchers worked for the DNC’s National Convention Committee office in Charlotte from February to May. She spent 20 hours a week immersing herself in the day-to-day operations of the committee.

Other College Democrat members from Davidson spent time working for the National Convention Committee or Host Committee offices.

Davidson students applied for internships and in many cases had them granted, partially due to the college’s proximity to the convention’s Charlotte offices.

Borchers said the fall semester at
Davidson could be one of the biggest ever for the school’s College Democrats organization not just because of the DNC, but also because it’s an election year.

“We’ve got a lot of people who wanted to be very active to support the convention and be involved in the effort to re-elect Obama,” Borchers said. “It was definitely a dream come true (to participate).”