I just finished reading your slam of Huntersville disguised as research (Herald Weekly Aug. 10, “State Reports scores, graduations rates”). I am not sure you delved much in to the achievement report before you wrote your opinion.

Did you look at the graph you included? Did you wonder why North Meck’s scores plummeted? There are many facts that you never considered or mentioned. I’d like to point out just a few.

The three elementary schools which have Huntersville residents scored near the top. Huntersville and Torrence Creek Elementary Schools had the highest achievement scores. There is no need to “buck the trend,” because these schools have consistently been high scoring. The elementary schools scoring low are barely in Huntersville and pull a good many of their students from Charlotte.

The same is true of the lesser scoring middle schools and high school populations of Hopewell and especially North Meck.

Also, the statement in your article/opinion, that Hough “pulls it’s students from Cornelius and Davidson” is wrong. The Hough High School Zone actually includes the Huntersville Elementary and Torrence Creek Elementary School students, (you know, those highest scoring schools). And by the way, the also high achieving-Lake Norman Charter is in Huntersville and “pulls” most of its students from Huntersville.

Our schools are not allowed to be truly local because of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ engineering. This article seemed to be a clumsy attempt to further divide using school scores.

Some Huntersville schools suffer in scores because of the zones drawn by CMS, just like some Cornelius and Davidson schools benefit in scores from having their zones include high achievers from Huntersville.

– Chuck Masterton, Huntersville