DAVIDSON – More residents are reporting fox sightings to police.

Davidson Police Chief Jeanne Miller said there is no actual increase in wildlife, but citizens have become more aware of its presence.

Foxes do not pose a threat unless they show visible rabies symptoms, which Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control says only happens a couple of times each year.

It is post-breeding season, so fox offspring will be wandering around. Their parents will be protecting them.

Davidson Police will only respond to reports of foxes showing rabies symptoms, such as attaching and biting inanimate objects or neurological symptoms of confusion, disorientation and seizures.

Eliminating outdoor food sources, garbage and shelter should deter foxes from approaching homes. Small pets should not be left outside unattended.

Citizens with questions or concerns about foxes or wild animals should call Davidson Police at 704-892-5131 or 911 in emergency situations.