by Brett Freeman

It is impossible to watch the Olympics and not start to wonder if, just maybe, you might have missed out on your own Olympic dream. Or might, just maybe, still have a shot. How deep can the field be trying to make the team for, say, archery? And how hard can curling be?

It’s fanciful to think this way – the Jamaican bobsled team and former British ski jumper Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards notwithstanding – but it’s the Olympics! How cool would it be to be there?

Come August, Huntersville chiropractor Lonnie Bagwell will find out. His road to London comes not from chasing his own Olympic dream, but from helping others realize theirs. Bagwell will be there supporting weightlifters Sarah Robles and Holly Mangold, who will both be competing in the women’s super-heavyweight division, and possibly Kendrick Farris, who finished eighth at the 2008 Olympics in the 85 KG weight class.

“We’re developing a treatment plan right now for the athletes when they’re in London to make sure they’re primed and ready for competition,” Bagwell said.

Bagwell takes a non-traditional approach to chiropractics and implements treatment plans even when athletes aren’t injured.

Bagwell is affiliated with Maximized Living, an international organization that takes a holistic, chiropractic-based approach to health and training. This approach includes improving nutrition, detoxifying the body and improving mindset. It has turned out to be a good fit for athletes.

Robles and Mangold both compete in the women’s 75+ kilogram weightlifting class. The women each lifted more than a quarter-ton overhead to secure their tickets to London, according to

“Weightlifting is a total-body movement that requires everything from head to toe, perfect sequence, perfect sequence firing of the muscles, and what we do in our brand of health and wellness was a perfect fit for the performance for them,” Bagwell said.

Bagwell will focus primarily on helping Robles, Mangold, Ferris and the rest of the weightlifting team at the Olympics. The trip to London will be a working vacation for Bagwell and his wife, Molly. Molly Bagwell has a master’s degree in women’s health and handles nutrition and detoxification for the practice. Sons Colin, 6, and Liam, 2, will also come along to experience the Olympics.

“We actually will have more than 100 doctors from Maximized Living and their families over in London, so we will have plenty of coverage, and I will take care of whoever I have to take care of in USA weightlifting,” Bagwell said.

The Bagwells will spend the rest of their time supporting the U.S. athletes – and partying with them.

“We will be at different events supporting our teams and just being the biggest fans of the USA that we can possibly be. And then we’ll be at USA House at night. That’s going to be really exciting, to be able to celebrate with the athletes. Every athlete that wins (a medal) comes back to USA House to celebrate every one of the medals that are won, and we’re going to be a part of that.”

Talk about an Olympic dream.