Editor’s note: This letter is in reference to “Experts, anglers split over new fish,” which ran in the March 16 Herald.


Someone once said all publicity is good publicity. I’m not so sure that’s correct. Just in the past few months I’ve had a couple of instances that cause me to question this axiom.

First, my name became associated with the spotting of freshwater jellyfish in Lake Norman, an occurrence in which I had absolutely no involvement.

Second, a young reporter called me a while back to get my input as a fishing guide about the striped bass/white bass hybrids now being caught in Lake Norman. When he called me it sounded like he used the term “Bodie bass,” which these fish are known as in these parts. Unfortunately, in the article, he used the term “buddy bass.” An innocent enough mistake, but one that discredits him, and me by association, with the local fishing community.

It’s been interesting how bent out of shape a few people have gotten over this one article. I don’t have much concern about the rest of the article since I consider Brian McRae and David Merryman to be credible sources when it comes to the Catawba impoundments and their inhabitants. Do I agree with everything they say? No I don’t. But they are certainly more educated on the subject than me, so I respect their opinions.

In the end, I hope everyone will cut the article’s author some slack. Who can’t use a little life lesson every now and then?

As for the hybrids, no one can really predict the long-term effects of the introduction of non-native species to any environment with any certainty. Only time will tell if the results are positive or not. I hope that in the case of the hybrids, they are a huge success.

Now if only they will eat the jellyfish, we may really have a win-win scenario!

– Capt. Craig Price, Fish On! LKN Guide Service