Editor’s note: John Aneralla is running for the N.C. Senate District 41. He will face Cornelius Mayor Jeff Tarte in the May 8 Republican Primary.


I moved to Davidson 18 months ago with my wife, two kids and two dogs. We did not move here because a job sent us here. Rather, my wife and I were looking for an area that would be both a great place to raise our kids as well as an ideal retirement location for the future.

We’re happy here, but it didn’t take us long to become aware of the issues and problems facing the Lake Norman area. We are facing serious challenges and need accountability and dependable leadership.

There are too many politicians who short-change the citizens or neglect their positions on key issues that got them elected in the first place. We need a stand-up leader.

I believe John Aneralla is that stand-up guy.

He has not wavered from his values and beliefs, nor has he gone silent and taken a break from discussing a certain issue because it would contradict an earlier statement.

A stand-up guy does what he says he is going to do and does not abandon his constituents because of outside pressures, fears, pride or selfish motives.

I appreciate that John Aneralla has not wavered in his skepticism to the ridiculous plans to an expensive, wasteful and unnecessary Red Line while remaining pro commuter and pro public transportation.

– Jeff Bubak, Davidson