by Zacch Estrada-Petersen

HUNTERSVILLE – Eddy Leidenheimer’s love of horses will live on thanks to his family and a few four-legged friends. And his dream of sharing that love with children will continue at DreamView Stables, a new Huntersville farm at 10310 Hambright Road.

Eddy Leidenheimer first thought up DreamView Stables at an early age. He loved everything equine and couldn’t imagine a life away from horses. By the time he was 12 years old he had made up in his mind that he wanted to be a horse trainer.

For high school, Eddy Leidenheimer  attended Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, a secondary boarding school well known for its equestrian programs. He worked as an assistant trainer at stables in Asheboro and Winston-Salem. After graduating from Morehead State University, he opened in his own barn.

“This was his dream and view for people to live their dreams,” Bobbi Leidenheimer, his mother, said.

Unfortunately, Eddy Leidenheimer didn’t have the chance to see his dream fulfilled in its entirety. While living in Kentucky, he was diagnosed with Leukemia and subsequently passed away in June 2007. His sister Stephanie, 12 years his junior but equally matched in her love for horses, quickly took the reins. In 2011, when she and husband Matt Milloux learned a property in Huntersville was up for sale, they jumped at the opportunity to return to the area.

“Stephanie has been around horses since she was born,” Bobbi Leidenheimer said. “She was born into my and her brother’s love for horses.”

And if her week is any indication, that passion is as strong as ever.

Stephanie gives riding lessons for four hours every Monday through Friday afternoon at DreamView. Every one of the horses is fed in the early morning and evening. The Milloux’s work and ride every horse in the barn. The stalls are cleaned and the horse bedding is refreshed every day except Sunday.

Of course, with a stud and 10 mares on hand, someone also has to name the colts when they’re born – a job Stephanie takes pride in. There’s Candy, Versace, Turbo, Legend; the list goes on, with every name as unique as the one before.

Yet even with investment horses that are bred, trained and later sold, the stable isn’t all about the business aspect.

“We focus on being a friendly, fun, safety-first barn where everyone loves the horses,” Bobbi Leidenheimer said.

They even give others a chance to develop a fondness for horses at a young age.

“We have a youth club that meets monthly,” Bobbi Leidenheimer said. “It is all about horses and horsemanship, based in a fun, family atmosphere. The club also participates in a community service project and fundraiser for a charity of the club’s choice.”

Want to go?

DreamView Stables is at 10310 Hambright Road in Huntersville. To learn more about the facility, call 704-286-6755.